Business Affiliates

Redwood-Kairos has strategic partnerships with three businesses, wholly-owned by the Chang family: Sullivan Hayes Brokerage, Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co., and Chang Family Affiliates. Sullivan Hayes and Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co. are two of Colorado’s leading brokerage, leasing, and property management firms. The Chang Family Affiliates were the original founders of Redwood-Kairos, and began investing in commercial real estate in the 1980’s. Their initial investments helped Redwood-Kairos’ associates realize the market knowledge, cost efficiencies, and contacts that have led to the success of Redwood-Kairos. By leveraging this property management, leasing, and investment expertise, Redwood-Kairos is positioned to execute its investment strategies across a broad range of real estate opportunities.

Sullivan Hayes Brokerage

Sullivan Hayes Brokerage, based in Denver since 1978, is a leading retail broker which represents over 90 local, regional and national retail clients. Since 2002, Sullivan Hayes has leased or sold over 15 million square feet of retail space, establishing itself as a leading company in Colorado’s retail leasing and brokerage industry. Sullivan Hayes is a member of ChainLinks, a national network of 500 leading retail brokers working across 62 different U.S. real estate markets. ChainLinks’ brokers work within their geographic markets with developers and landlords to provide retail tenants with the most attractive real estate locations.

Sullivan Hayes Brokerage, provides tenant leasing services to Redwood. This strategic relationship provides Redwood-Kairos with unique insights into local leasing conditions across a range of geographical markets, and assists Redwood in leasing vacant space in its projects. When Redwood-Kairos purchases an asset outside of Sullivan Hayes’ current geographical area, Redwood-Kairos typically engages Sullivan Hayes as a master broker to manage local “on the ground” firms who execute discrete leasing activities or Redwood-Kairos will engage a third party broker for the leasing assignment.

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Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co.

Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co., based in Denver since 1904, is a property management company that manages 2.5 million square feet of predominately retail space in over 50 different retail locations. Dunton provides brokerage services (investment sales and leasing) to owners of retail centers and office buildings in the Denver metropolitan area. Over the last several years, Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co. has maintained a 95% occupancy rate at over 50 retail properties it manages and has expanded to become one of Colorado’s leading property management firms.

Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co., provides all property management and property-level accounting services to Redwood-Kairos’ properties. This strategic relationship provides Redwood-Kairos with unique owner-manager property management services. When Redwood-Kairos purchases an asset outside Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co.’s current geographical area, Redwood-Kairos engages a local property management firm and accounting services are controlled by Dunton Commercial Real Estate Co. Alternatively, Dunton may open a property management office in a new local market depending on the size of Redwood-Kairos’ growing portfolio.

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Chang Family Affiliates

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