Redwood-Kairos Real Estate Partners (“Redwood-Kairos” or the “Company”) is a privately-owned entrepreneurial real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, development and re-development of commercial real estate throughout the United States.

Redwood-Kairos was established with a long-term orientation to focus on value-based real estate investments with favorable risk / reward characteristics – often with a contrarian investment approach. Our strategy is focused on identifying properties in specific markets where we can create value through professional management and our strategic relationships.

Redwood-Kairos invests with high net worth individuals, Registered Investment Advisors, and Institutional Real Estate Investors with reduced fees and costs typically incurred through traditional real estate investments.

Unlike many real estate groups, Redwood-Kairos is structured as an operating company with a fully-staffed executive team that shares common values, investment objectives and investment time horizons. We manage capital raised for specific investments or pledge funds that do not charge a management fee on commitment, but rather capital deployed. We are not burdened by the pressure of deploying a large amount of capital across numerous transactions; we prefer to focus on a smaller number of investments that we believe offer unusually attractive risk / reward relationships. Our philosophy enables us to be both opportunistic and patient with our investments, management approach and disposition strategies. Redwood-Kairos has a flat management structure with committed founders which enables the Company to quickly evaluate projects, and investment decisions across several geographic markets.

Kairos Investment Management Company (dba Redwood-Kairos) is a registered investment advisor, to view a copy of the firm brochure please click here.

Redwood-Kairos’ current investment strategy is focused on:

  • Assets are located throughout the U.S.
  • Retail, office and flex / industrial assets in growing or supply-constrained markets that require re-tenanting, refurbishing or re-development.
  • Under-managed situations where we can deploy capital, management, and development or re-development expertise to improve an asset’s cash flow and underlying value over time.
  • Assets with a favorable purchase price when compared to replacement cost or stabilized value and current rents below market.
  • Redwood-Kairos is a value investor that employs underwriting expertise and a comfortable “margin of safety” along side tactical strategies to execute business plans that are specific to each asset.
  • Redwood-Kairos also provides capital to sponsors through preferred equity and junior debt positions.